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An Overview of the Region of Navarra

The region of Navarra is situated in the Northeast of Spain. For many centuries, it “held its own” as an independent Kingdom and despite its size, it was very much an influential state throughout history.Indeed, the region of Navarra and its gateway position to the majestic Pyrenees its wonderful wine growing plain that seem to attract a most enticing element of sunshine was naturally the chosen route for many pilgrims on their quest to reach some of the holy shrines within the region, that of Santiago de Compostela and Pamplona.
Navarra and its neighbouring regions of Rioja and Pias Vaseo have historically been overlooking as a holiday or relocation destination for the masses, surely for one reason, the weather! If you are looking to live in a region of Spain that will provide you with year round sunshine and temperatures that of the Mediterranean, this region of Navarra is not for you. However, if you are in pursuit of a slightly more clement environment other than that of the UK, wondrous landscapes providing you with a lifetime's worth of fascinating Historical and current cultural experiences, this is the place for you! Navarra has notoriety as being a fine wine producing region. If you are a wine enthusiast great! If this is not the case, no problem, there are so many wonderful other phenomenal lifestyle interests on offer on your doorstep.
The historic and present day influence the many Vineyards and the craftsmanship in the production of wine can be enjoyed through the many museum exhibits and the decades of influential craft through generations of families who have worked in the vineyards and in the process and production of the finished product. 

Airports and Transport connections:
The capital city airport Pamplona has a wealth of all year round International flights coming from many of our UK airports. With a transfer distance of a mere 8.64 km. Alternatively, Bilbao airport which is, 191.5 km, Via the A1 provide great cheap flights from most major UK airports and the transfer time from this airport to the region of Navarra would be approximately 2hr +2 minutes. The airlines providing these services are British Airways and Easy Jet.

Weather/ Climate
This is varied, enjoys a mainly continental climate with hot summers and mild winters. Average temperatures; Winter maximum temp; 8.4 Celsius Spring 18.5 Celsius, Summer 27.6 Celsius, Autumn 18.7. The average annual rainfall is 721 mm and the average number of wet days per year 95.

Relocating or Investing in Navarra.
For the all important and smooth integration of yourself and your family into Spain, and you being able to start enjoying living a continental lifestyle as soon as possible! One must consider, the necessary steps to take before this happens, your enjoyment and ability to relax and explore your new home and your new life could be delayed or become very stressful being able to start enjoying living that Mediterranean lifestyle one must consider, the necessary steps to take before this happens, your enjoyment and ability to relax and explore your new home and your new life could be delayed or become very difficult for a number of obvious reasons; the possible language barrier, national/local customs and politics, Access to health care and so on.. Naturally, this will apply to anybody, relocating to a new, non-English speaking country.
Simply, if you are ill-informed or have not sought sufficient and sound advice. Being "armed" with such information will assist with this settling in process and the whole experience will be made so much easier by sourcing information and resources, avoiding common pitfalls and giving you more time to relax and unwind here as a foreigner. A Dream Home in Spain Network of associate Agents and their colleagues are able to assist you.
A Dream Home in Spain can provide you with access to advanced local knowledge and comprehensive information, about the communities you are interested in, and the properties they have to offer. Please consult with any of our geographically placed Associate Agents they are waiting to assist you in their offices in the UK or Spain
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We are currently developing our network of Associate Agents and Professionals to extend our full service in this region. The Alliance of Associate Agents are carefully selected for suitability and this takes time.
If you do have a particular interest in relocating or investing in this region please no not hesitate to get in touch with A Dream Home in Spain and we will do our very best to link you up with the right professionals in the area.
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Top destinations in the Region of Navarra (Navarra)

An Overview of some of the Destinations in the Region of Navarra.

There are approximately 25 towns and villages that form an ancient wine route and a well-trodden path for pilgrims visiting the Christian shrines en route to and from the Pyrenees mountains. Here is just a fraction of such towns, that are loaded with culture, charm, historic sites from the iron age, there are many artefacts remaining from Muslim emirate of Al-Hakam I in 802,  the Roman occupancy, the middle ages and present day!



Let's start with the capital city of Navarra, This medieval city is home to numerous monuments, with its Cathedral, and the holy shrine of Santiago de Compostela. which attracts pilgrims of faith from all over the world. The residents are an energetic and lively population, who are great hosts to the millions of pilgrims it received every year. The Pamplonions festivals are a means of demonstrating their great Christian culture, their passion for life, and work.
The annual, 'Running of the Bull festival' is one extraordinary example of a mass participation in a centuries-old tradition, which invites the free running of intimidating bulls through the streets of the city. (This for many of us we might find a somewhat cruel to these majestic animals and extremely dangerous for both man and beast! 



Tudela & Bardenas Reales are neighbouring municipalities and share the same terrain:

This municipality city of Tudela and its back yard the impressive  is the second largest city in the region of Navarra.They provide one of the most diverse landscapes.From lush pastures to arid desert terrains.
The Bardenas Reales Natural Park is a semi-desert landscape which covers 42.500 hectares of unforgettable elements of wildlife and beauty. This area has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Undoubtedly for its rock formations/erosions which have been sculptured over millions of years, from the winds that gust like waves from the sea, through the lower valleys neighbouring Pyrenees mountains which are a mere 70 Kms away. Heading a little further South the landscape then changes to become a mellow range of Aleppo pinewoods. 


Baztan Valley & Elizondo Navarre:

Both municipalities provide wonderful lush valleys and rolling hills. They offer the perfect terrain for hiking, cycling and water sports.
The centre of Elizondo stands on both banks of the river Batzan and contains a great many noble buildings such as stately homes and small palaces. The most impressive and representative of the palace of Arizkunenea.and a beautiful city hall. There are numerous fortresses with towers, in this enchanted valley with fifteen villages scattered across the green hills on the Atlantic Pyrenees. These towers were constructed for observation and control of the towns defence from invading forces during the early middle ages.Other townships worth exploring are Dorrea, and Jauregizuria. In Elbete, there are 17th-century baroque palaces; Jarola and Azkoa and much more!



Another of the many picturesque destinations in the region of Navarra. This relatively small municipality offers its visitors and settlers some of the most wonderful examples of middle age villages, romantic Castles, Roman theatres, monasteries, and vineyards, that produce the famous Navarra Wine.
What makes Olite stand out a little from its neighbouring  towns and villages in the Region of Navarra is its Palacio Real (Royal Palace) This extravagant structure symbolises the importance of the town in the middle ages was, in fact, the 'seat of the Court' of Navarre until its union with Castile 1512. This Royal place was one of the most luxurious mediaeval castles in Europe. This small town is situated in the centre of Navarre and just 42 Km south of Pamplona. 
The sturdy defence walls and crenellated towers of the Palace were home to monarchs and princes. This monument was declared a national monument in 1925, it provides arguably one the best examples of Gothic, civil engineering. in Europe.There is are so many, equally breathtaking examples of this period's architecture, an enthusiast could spend a lifetime discovering such wondrous examples of this regions' historical past!



Is a charming medieval town, which straddles along the banks of the Aragon River. Sangüesa town is situated only 44 Km from the capital city Pamplona. Like almost all of its neighbouring towns and villages, you will find some outstanding examples of its medieval heritage. Sangüesa provided yet another important 'stop off' for weary pilgrims who were on their way to the shrine of St. James. The palaces, Monasteries, Churches and religious shrines are evidence of this religious historic period in the middle ages.

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