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Welcome to A Dream Home in Spain

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This interactive property portal has been specially developed for people like you!

For people who have a dream of either: Relocating to Spain, having a second home in Spain or would like to invest in a holiday or rental property in Spain.

Many of us are likely to have held on to a Dream of having a Home in Spain for many years and after having held on to that same dream you might find yourself in a position where you can finally, explore your options! 
Why, just Spain? Well, this is because of the British Love Spain! It is still a firm favorite European destination and is ranked number 1 relocation destination for the British public.
There are many reasons why Spain is still ranking  in the top 5 destinations around the world;
  • Some of the Best Year-round Climates in Europe, 
  • The Mediterranean Culture affording us a more Relaxed way of life,
  • The Beautiful Diverse Landscapes 
  • Great, Easy Access to and from the UK. 
Below, are just a fraction of the properties & locations available to you within our pages. Click on the regions or listing buttons above to view our full range!


The Combination of Specialist, On-line and Human Resources is now on hand, to provide you, the consumer with a Gateway to Regional and International teams of Professionals who are ready to assist you in pursuing, Your Dream of buying a Home in Spain;

  • Solicitors, (UK & Spanish Based,) 
  • Banks providing Mortgage advice and rates (UK & Spanish) 
  • Accountants, Financial advisors, 
  • Currency Exchange specialists, 
  • Expatriate Community Representatives. Who if you so choose, can talk to you and give you tips on how they have adapted to living Full time or Part of the time in Spain. 
We can provide you with Step by Step guidance on Preparing to visit and invest in Spanish destination; What to expect, the legalities, how to identify your Dream property as the best destination for you!

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